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My name is Kenny Rogers. (for reals)

I'm a developer, designer, writer, marketer, and entrepreneur interested in taking software products from idea to execution.

Check out some projects I've been working on 👇

Personal Site

I built the site you are currently looking at using React, Next.js, Sanity, and Tailwind. It's designed to showcase my design and development skills.

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El Faro Orphanage Site

This is an extremely simple, yet extremely important site and one that I am proud of due to the difference it made.

There is an orphange located in Mexico that was recently in danger of being shut down due to lack of funding. I created a quick site using Gatsby, Netlify, and a service called DonorBox in order for them to start taking online donations.

As a result, the orphanage was able to gain enough funding to continue running and avoid being shut down. The site continues to provide income for the orphanage every month.

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Scout is a mobile app that I am in the very early stages of developing using React Native and GraphQL.

The idea behind the app is to help photographers, videographers, backpackers, and other adventurous wanderers more easily scout and keep track of locations they find.

It has a community aspect, where users can choose to share their locations, but they can also keep them private in case they want to keep a special spot to themselves.

I'm currently in the process of writing a multi-part series about the process.

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Wild Wanderings

Wild Wanderings is a side project I am working on with my wife that teaches photographers how to build effective websites to grow their business.

I am in the early stages of course and content creation, and don't have the website built yet. As soon as I have something tangible to show, I'll add some information about it here.