Ken Rogers

Ken Rogers

Developer | Teacher | Writer

Back in 2008 I built my first (very terrible) website. I've been hooked on building things for the web ever since and spend my time learning as much as I possibly can about it.

These days I spend my time learning about things like Laravel, React, GraphQL, Meteor and teaching others how to use them.

I also really enjoy helping other developers learn how to make a great living without an expensive college education or boot camp.

You can read more about my journey to becoming a web developer and get some ideas for how you can do it yourself in my article for Free Code Camp.

In addition to learning as much as I can about web development, I also love teaching it.

Right now I'm currently working on a GraphQL course for Pluralsight and am in the process of releasing my first book on developing applications with Meteor and React.

I also write pretty regularly about web development and other interesting things over on Medium.

If you want to keep up with what I'm doing, you can sign up to my email list. I only email when I have a new article or course to tell you about.