My name is Ken Rogers. I'm a designer, developer, write, and Gatsby fanatic designing and building beautiful, performant, secure websites on the modern web.

I thoroughly enjoy creating a site for a client that is lightning fast, secure, and accomplishes the business goals of the client.

A well designed and optimzed website can mean the difference between success and failure for an online business, and can dramtically increase conversion rates.

In addition to building sites for clients, I'm currently working on bootstrapping a startup, called Cognition.

I learned web development on my own using the many incredibly online resources and courses. During that learning time, I began to notice a gap in the area of online education.

With the obsession with automating as much of them as possible, I missed being able to submit an assignment and get personalized feedback on it.

The few courses that did offer that seemed like they were forced to cobble together a collection of tools and it seemed like an inefficient workflow on the parts of both the instructor and students.

I wanted to fix that, which is my motivation for starting Cognition.

I'm not on social media but you can get in touch with me via email at