About Me

Ken Rogers and Bruce

Hey there, I'm Ken Rogers. That's me up there with my chocolate lab Bruce.

I live in beautiful Colorado with Bruce and my wife and son.

I like to make websites that help people do awesome things. I've always been fascinated with technology and being able to help people accomplish their goals and improve their lives using things I build on the web is pretty awesome.

I started out learning coding for fun when I was working landscaping and driving a forklift in a warehouse, and I got hooked.

My experience started out with PHP and I started building things using Laravel. These days I build modern sites and apps with Vue and Laravel.

Here's a few things I am really into:

  • I love hiking in the Colorado outdoors
  • I love pickles
  • I love craft beer
  • I'm a superhero nerd
  • My dream cars are a Ford Raptor and a Local Motors Rally Fighter

Want to work with me, ask a question, or just say hi? Get in touch.