A few things to keep in mind before contacting me. If you could give these a quick read before sending me an email, that would be super awesome.

  • I can't offer individual code help. If you send me a question about your code, I will most likely not answer, or refer you to Stack Overflow.
  • If you have questions about developing your career, I can likely help you out on a limited basis. I'll give you some advice and recommendations, but I can't be your dedicated career coach.
  • If you are contacting me about working together on a project, include a basic idea of what your problem is, rather than a whole list of specs you need me to fill. The solution to the problem is what we'll come up with together, based on your specific needs.
  • I do like talking to other devs and just interesting people in general, but I can't respond to everything. You can increase your chances of getting a response by: being brief, sticking to one specific question, being nice.
  • If you are writing to ask about my book, Meteor and React, yes it is still happening, although it is being re-written as Complete React, a guide to developing production-ready applications using React and GraphQL.

Other than that, go ahead and give me a shout at Looking forward to hearing from you!